It is a secure box, or a locker assigned to a customer for the safekeeping of their valuables. It is housed inside an extremely secure Vault. Only registered customers have access inside the vault. Each locker has two locks. One electronic and another mechanical. Both locks can only be released by the registered customer’s fingerprint, RFID card and a physical key

Burglary and robbery are real threat thus securing your valuables in a safe deposit box is a sensible, responsible and the safest way to ensure the safety of your valuables. You want to ensure your valuables are safe for emergencies or passing them down to your children.

You can store anything of vaule to you.

  • Jewellery
  • Cash
  • Business documents like share certificates & bonds
  • Passports and certificates
  • Deeds and Wills
  • Digital storage like pen-drives and memory cards
  • Watches and Gemstones
  • Family heirlooms
  • Antique and Arts
  • Coin and Stamp collections
  • Precious metal bullions
  • Life insurance policy documents

Anything illegal and dangerous.

  • Firearms and explosives
  • Weapons of any sort
  • Flamable and chemicals substances
  • Biological and perishable substances
  • Drugs
  • Anything obtained illegally like through crime or money laundering

Our multi-layered security features are put together to design an impenetrable security. Our Vault is Explosive Resistant and Diamond Core Drill Resistant offering utmost protection. Our facility is equipped with high Grade Intruder Alarm System monitored continuously and any confirmed alarm is swiftly dealt by alerting Police and Private security guard company. Continuous HD CCTV, Biometric Access Control System together with the stringent security procedures by the trained staffs ensure the high level of security.

There are no joining fees, or any deposit required upfront. You just need to produce one form of a valid photographic identification (valid passport or a driving license) and one form of document for address proof (less than 3 months old) like utility bills, council tax bill, bank statements etc.

However, for security reason you need to visit us in person with your documents. 

We recommend booking appointments to avoid waiting.

There is no joining fees or deposit to make. Cost depends on the size of the box you choose. Price starts as low as £5 a week including VAT.

We accept payments by credit cards, debit cards and in Cash.

Different levels of “All Risk” complimentary insurance covers come included when you rent the box. You can top-up insurance cover up to £500,000 per box if the complimentary cover is not enough.

You can access as many times you need during our opening hours at No extra cost and No prior appointment is needed.

Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 12 pm to 4 pm

Closed on Bank holidays

During registration, your biometric credentials will be recorded and stored. You will be given RFID smart card and your assigned box’s keys. You will need to go through RDIF card reader, Fingerprint reader, and use your mechanical key, every time you access your box. The whole process is extremely modern and secure, yet quite simple and swift to use.

No, we do not hold any spare key of your box.

Note: Please note in the event you lose your keys, the whole lock must be replaced as we do not keep spare key for obvious security and privacy reason. As such there will be charge of cutting open the lock and replacing with new one.

So, we strongly recommend you look after your keys.

For smart card replacement there is a charge of £12 +VAT each. 

Only two persons can be registered per box thus only those same persons can access the box. We recommend you carefully nominate who can access the box.

Simple answer in No. However, only situation we are obliged to is when vaild court order is presented.

We are registered with FCA (923037) and regulated for anti-money laundering